Saturday, January 9, 2010

Evil Forest, Evil Choices

We've hit a stone wall at this point. I've mentioned my secret mission along with a branch of the Maledhrim incursion into Mirkwood. We've suffered one fatality and the one being that I most want to behead is the one being that I have sworn to protect, even with my life if necessary. My Noldorin heritage makes me want to strangle this...this abomination, but my Sindarin heritage cools my head in time.

Alas! One of my companions, who has grown in my heart, was gravely injured giving chase to our charge as he tried to escape, and I fear that an evil choice looms over our mission. For the ingredients to make the antiote that can cure the poison coursing within both their veins are rarely found and there may be just enough to save one, and not both. So the decision before us is this: save the aforementioned abomination and lose a most gracious and valiant Elfmaiden, or save the Elfmaiden and suffer the utter failure of our mission, and break our oaths to keep this vermin alive at all costs.

My heart is heavy, perhaps some rest will clear my mind.
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