Friday, April 2, 2010

A Summons, A Mustering!

After a well deserved rest as well as several additional sorties to clean up the filth surrounding Dol Guldur, I received an urgent, yet cryptic message from Master Elrond in Rivendell. I am to travel back to the Last Homely House and speak with him regarding, I am sure, the Fellowship. Before returning to Rivendell, I returned to Lady Galadriel and Lord Celeborn bearing Sigileth's daggers, which she wished to be gifted to the Lord and Lady either when no more marks would fit or should she fall in battle. Lord Celeborn accepted one of the daggers and bade me keep the other to do as I wish with, it will slay more Orcs before it's laid to rest in Valinor, should I survive to take a ship into the Uttermost West.

My voyage back was arduous but relatively uneventful thankfully. Even my passage through Moria was heartening as the Dwarves are more than holding their own! Passed over Eregion and camped at several Elven outposts which were, to my pleasure, still standing.

Upon reaching Imladris I was met with some most unexpected news. Aragorn has somehow ended up in Rohan along with part of the Fellowship. It seems that they have dispersed and I was first dismayed at this news, but Lord Elrond put me at ease arguing that if evil had befallen the Bearer, the Powerful would have hint of it. In any case, the focus was on Lord Aragorn and starting the process of mustering his brethren, the Dunedain from their myriad locations into a force of reckoning, the Grey Company. Eladan and Elrohir were with him as well and we spoke at length of the best places to search out the Men of West in order to begin the fulfillment of their and their lord's destinies. The time has come when Men will either begin their dominion of Middle Earth or fall into thralldom should Sauron's designs come to fruition. It is a bitter-sweet thought, for either way, the time of the Elves is coming to an end in Middle Earth, the only home I have ever known.

I will take my leave now and rest, for my mind is swirling and the journey has been long.