Friday, April 2, 2010

A Summons, A Mustering!

After a well deserved rest as well as several additional sorties to clean up the filth surrounding Dol Guldur, I received an urgent, yet cryptic message from Master Elrond in Rivendell. I am to travel back to the Last Homely House and speak with him regarding, I am sure, the Fellowship. Before returning to Rivendell, I returned to Lady Galadriel and Lord Celeborn bearing Sigileth's daggers, which she wished to be gifted to the Lord and Lady either when no more marks would fit or should she fall in battle. Lord Celeborn accepted one of the daggers and bade me keep the other to do as I wish with, it will slay more Orcs before it's laid to rest in Valinor, should I survive to take a ship into the Uttermost West.

My voyage back was arduous but relatively uneventful thankfully. Even my passage through Moria was heartening as the Dwarves are more than holding their own! Passed over Eregion and camped at several Elven outposts which were, to my pleasure, still standing.

Upon reaching Imladris I was met with some most unexpected news. Aragorn has somehow ended up in Rohan along with part of the Fellowship. It seems that they have dispersed and I was first dismayed at this news, but Lord Elrond put me at ease arguing that if evil had befallen the Bearer, the Powerful would have hint of it. In any case, the focus was on Lord Aragorn and starting the process of mustering his brethren, the Dunedain from their myriad locations into a force of reckoning, the Grey Company. Eladan and Elrohir were with him as well and we spoke at length of the best places to search out the Men of West in order to begin the fulfillment of their and their lord's destinies. The time has come when Men will either begin their dominion of Middle Earth or fall into thralldom should Sauron's designs come to fruition. It is a bitter-sweet thought, for either way, the time of the Elves is coming to an end in Middle Earth, the only home I have ever known.

I will take my leave now and rest, for my mind is swirling and the journey has been long.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Well Deserved End *SPOILERS*

I can now shed some light into my recent, cryptic entries. We had captured an Orc general in Moria named Mazog, whom we used as barter to win the release of Broin and other Dwarves taken into captivity in the dungeons of Dol Guldur. It was all I could do to stop myself from beheading the maggot on several occassions. I nearly chose his life over Issuriel's but one of our Dwarf companions couldn't bare it and went searching for the rare ingredient to make another dose of the antidote to cure the poison killing her, only thus was her death averted. When the Lord and Lady of Lothlorien commissioned a force, the Malledhrin, to bring the fight to the Enemy's doorstep, the decision was made to also bring Mazog with a smaller force, the Hidden Guard, of which I was part. Good Elves and Dwarves risked all to bring this vermin alive to negotiate the release of our friends. But we were waylaid by Gorothul, the Angmarim who siezed Broin in Moria, as well a several Nazgul, there our leader Archador perished making time for us to make an escape.We were sure that our mission had failed that the sacrifices we've made were for naught. Mazog was taken into Dol Guldur and all we could do was flee for our lives. It wasn't until several days, when it was decided that the Malledhrim would seize the opportunity granted by our discovery of a secret way into the very foundations of Dol Guldur, that our mission was revived. The attack was a great success, although we lost many brothers and sisters in arms, including one of my Hidden Guard comrades, Sigileth, though I would not learn of her death until well after the battle. We liberated Broin, who recovered the mithril axe Zigilburk from Mazog and slew him with it, to the betterment of all Middle Earth, all Arda in fact.
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We are at rest now, awaiting the Enemy's response. We have neither the time, energy, nor heart to celebrate our success, for we paid a heavy price for it. I will rest now, for there is unfinished business. Until my next entry, I remain Fingolthiir

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Evil Forest, Evil Choices

We've hit a stone wall at this point. I've mentioned my secret mission along with a branch of the Maledhrim incursion into Mirkwood. We've suffered one fatality and the one being that I most want to behead is the one being that I have sworn to protect, even with my life if necessary. My Noldorin heritage makes me want to strangle this...this abomination, but my Sindarin heritage cools my head in time.

Alas! One of my companions, who has grown in my heart, was gravely injured giving chase to our charge as he tried to escape, and I fear that an evil choice looms over our mission. For the ingredients to make the antiote that can cure the poison coursing within both their veins are rarely found and there may be just enough to save one, and not both. So the decision before us is this: save the aforementioned abomination and lose a most gracious and valiant Elfmaiden, or save the Elfmaiden and suffer the utter failure of our mission, and break our oaths to keep this vermin alive at all costs.

My heart is heavy, perhaps some rest will clear my mind.
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