Saturday, August 29, 2009

Ancient Evils, Hope Rekindled

I finally have some time to write down my thoughts. It has been an arduous journey, these past few months. On several occassions I have faced evil that I thought vanquished as far back as the War of Wrath! Though sired long after the Elder Days, I instinctively recognize the utter dread and revultion when in the presence of these lesser demons of Morgoth. We have discovered several points within Moria where portals of sort have been erected to allow these creatures to pass back into our world, luckily for the Free Peoples they were discovered in time and the demons were still in a weakened state and thus able to be vanquished by well orchestrated attacks. Had they grown to full power, Moria and Lorien beyond it would have been utterly overrun by these foul remnants of Morgoth's hordes. With the help of a group of Lorien Elves camped within the Shadowed Refuge, deep within Moria, my companions and I were able to find and destroy these portals. What if these portals were not discovered and these monsters grew to full power? I doubt not that the passage of the Company through Moria, and the arrival of the Dwarves soon afterwards, were blessings in disquise, alas we were also dealt a terrible blow alongside these blessingsl, with Gandalf's fall.

I came upon an Elf within Lothlorien who, although in mourning with the passing of Olorin, held a hope, a fool's hope perhaps, that the last chapter of Mithrandir's presence in Middle Earth had not been written. He told me of a dream he had of a great Eagle emerging from the Misty Mountains and flying West. His hope lit a small beacon within me and lifted my heart. Perhaps we should not despair yet! Shortly after speaking with this Elf, I met with the Lady Galadriel and mentioned this, she bade me speak to Gwaihir, the Winglord, who was on an errand in Lothlorien. He promised me that if there was any chance of recovering Gandalf, he would see it done and promptly bade farewell and flew off to the Misy Mountains in search of any clue as to the Grey Pilgrim's whereabouts.
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