Sunday, March 29, 2009


It has been a while since my last correspondence, but I've busier than usual as of late. I knew I'd have to prove my quality to the Elves of Lorien, but I didn't expect the long hours, nay, days labour winning their trust. They don't even trust their own anymore once they step out of the Golden Wood. My hard work paid off finally though, I gained their trust and was allowed into the Lothlorien proper and even met with my quarrie. The news of Gandalf's fall has darkened my thoughts, almost to the point of despair. My musings, after finding that burnt hat on that small charred island deep within the Misty Mountains, and the charred remains of what could only be a Balrog of the Elder Days were confirmed. Gandalf's last battle must have made the mountains tremble to their roots!

Frodo blames himself, but the solace he has found in Lorien has helped him greatly. I also spoke to Sam, bless his heart, always looking out for his master. The Fellowship made it to this point thanks to Gandalf's sacrifice as well as to Strider's leadership and guidance. I long to speak to him, but he has been unavailable up to this point. During a patrol with Legolas and Gimli, I was sent word of a visitor who wished to see me. It was old Bosi from Moria, he had grim tidings and wished to speak to Celeborn and Lady Galadriel urgently. I vouched for him and was made responsible for all of his actions within the Woods and before the Lady. I accepted, because I know Bosi is an admirable Dwarf and came only at the direst need.

We were brought into the presence of Lord Celeborn and Lady Galadriel and I was awestruck by her presence. I kneeled before her in reverence and I pleaded my case before them. Her voice drifted into my thoughts though her lips spoke other words or moved not. Though Celeborn seemed rash and almost angry at the presence of Bosi, Galadriel was more diplomatic and I believe saw this as an opportunity to bring the two races closer together, after ages of mutual mistrust and animosity. She bade me return to the mines in Gimli's stead and help reforge the past friendship with the Dwarves.

It is a task I will now attempt to the best of my ability.
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Friday, March 6, 2009

Fresh Air

It has been a long time since I last wrote, for I have been quite busy ridding Moria of the Orc hordes that inhabit it. How do these things multiply at such a rapid pace is beyond me, I will not even delve into that subject. The Dwarves within Moria have proven to be quite hardy and nobel, worthy of the name Durin's Folk. I have earned their trust and battled alongside them within the vast caverns, alley ways and sinkholes of Khazad Dum! I am heartened by their valour and perseverence in the face of such evil as still lurks there.

I sensed as well, that Durin's Bane, the Terror unleashed from within Moria's deepest mines, was decimated...somehow. While helping the dwarves I kept Lord Elrond's charge to me first and foremost and aye, my quarry had passed through and seems to have made it through (at least from what bare stone can tell). Hence I happened upon the borderlands of the heart of Elvendom on Middle Earth, Lothlorien. I was dismayed to see orc encampments along the road from Moria to the Golden Woods. As I entered the Lady's domain, I was confronted by archers, and was brought to their leader, Haldir. Haldir is marchwarden of Lorien's northern border and although he was respectful and even-tempered, he forbade me to go beyond that point, for they have grown suspicious of all who enter the Woods, even kinsmen as myself. He bade me go and help his brothers Rumil and Orophin, who were keeping watch on the grounds and I did as he asked. When I asked him about the Company, he stiffened and quickly changed the subject. He asked me for one more enter Moria again and seek out and give aid to a band of Elves from Lothlorien who ventured in some time ago and set up camp in the Shadowed Refuge, a place I had known and passed through.

For now, I must go back into the darkness and render what aid I may to the enemies of the Eye.

Hopefully my next installment will not delay as this one did.
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