Saturday, February 13, 2010

Well Deserved End *SPOILERS*

I can now shed some light into my recent, cryptic entries. We had captured an Orc general in Moria named Mazog, whom we used as barter to win the release of Broin and other Dwarves taken into captivity in the dungeons of Dol Guldur. It was all I could do to stop myself from beheading the maggot on several occassions. I nearly chose his life over Issuriel's but one of our Dwarf companions couldn't bare it and went searching for the rare ingredient to make another dose of the antidote to cure the poison killing her, only thus was her death averted. When the Lord and Lady of Lothlorien commissioned a force, the Malledhrin, to bring the fight to the Enemy's doorstep, the decision was made to also bring Mazog with a smaller force, the Hidden Guard, of which I was part. Good Elves and Dwarves risked all to bring this vermin alive to negotiate the release of our friends. But we were waylaid by Gorothul, the Angmarim who siezed Broin in Moria, as well a several Nazgul, there our leader Archador perished making time for us to make an escape.We were sure that our mission had failed that the sacrifices we've made were for naught. Mazog was taken into Dol Guldur and all we could do was flee for our lives. It wasn't until several days, when it was decided that the Malledhrim would seize the opportunity granted by our discovery of a secret way into the very foundations of Dol Guldur, that our mission was revived. The attack was a great success, although we lost many brothers and sisters in arms, including one of my Hidden Guard comrades, Sigileth, though I would not learn of her death until well after the battle. We liberated Broin, who recovered the mithril axe Zigilburk from Mazog and slew him with it, to the betterment of all Middle Earth, all Arda in fact.
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We are at rest now, awaiting the Enemy's response. We have neither the time, energy, nor heart to celebrate our success, for we paid a heavy price for it. I will rest now, for there is unfinished business. Until my next entry, I remain Fingolthiir

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Valaraen Avariquen said...

These are fell tidings, and unfortunately I had forseen this venture would go poorly. The Free People must stand yet more resolutely now that we know we are dealing with such forces.

I wish you peace and in times of war, that your blade stay sharp and find its mark, and for your safe return.

May the Valar protect you, and the stars of Elbereth light your journey.

Valaraen Avariquen