Monday, January 9, 2012

Fords of Isen

We were able to hold the Fords of Isen, though at a high price. Prince Theodred, heir to the throne of Rohan has fallen in battle. We attempted a sortie against the Uruk-Hai force in Isengard, thinking to surprise them and thin their numbers. Alas, it was we who were surprised for Saruman had all along devised a snare for our host. Before we could be completely surrounded Theodred and his band won free and retreated back to the Fords. Unbeknownst to us though a second Uruk force had made it's way in secret behind the Host and met Theoden's riders, they were caught as in a vice. Grimbold and I cut our way through just in time to see the prince fall. We fought to the death to reach his side and would surely had perished alongside him but for the timely charge of Elfhelm from Helm's Deep who spied the advancing Uruks. Theodred was still alive, but barely. His dying wish: to be buried at the Fords along with his men to guard them until Eomer's return. I am resting briefly, a sense of doom has overtaken my heart. I must fight internally so I may defeat the despair that is clutching at me! We are teetering on the edge and must leave mourning for another time.
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