Sunday, January 8, 2012


I write with a heavy heart indeed. The Rangers and I had hoped to convince the Falcon Clan in Dunland to refuse Isengard's influence and stand with the Free Peoples against Saruman. I believed things were going well and I informed their leader of Orthanc's growing power in the hearts and minds of the Dunlanding clans. It seems this information tipped the scales in favor of Isengard and we were betrayed. Many of my comrades were killed and imprisoned, I was brought to Isengard itself.

I was brought before Saruman himself, who tried to get as much information from me regarding my Charge. He mentioned the Ring being in the hands of a halfling, and I secretly despaired but stood my ground. I was able to escape with the help of a man of Rohan and a servant of Saruman's who had fallen out of favor with the Wizard. I returned with the help of Prince Theodred, who has crossed the Isen with a small band of men to scout the situation in Dunland. I was able to free my comrades in the Falcon clan's strongholt and assist in their escape, our vengeance was incomplete but I will return to exact it once the larger War is done with. This I swear, I will return as flesh and blood or shade...but I shall return!
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